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About Us!

Clasina TerraScience was a geophysical consulting company founded by Andreas and Regina Stark in 1994 that operated until 2017.

Upon retirement from active consulting Dr. Andreas Stark, P.Geo has focused his attention on Research of Quantitative Seismic Interpretation and Geostatistics and is further pursuing his interests in Neural Network Design and Risk Analysis as a continuation of his Risk Analysis Thesis.

Dr. Andreas Stark has extensive experience in exploration risk management, exploration geophysics, development geophysics, geological and geophysical technology, geophysical management and economic evaluations of oil and gas properties. With over forty years of experience spanning practical experience in seismic field acquisition, seismic and aeromagnetic data processing, research and geophysical interpretation and exploration & development management.

His expertise includes quantitative seismic interpretation applying rock physics, geostatistics, geomechanics and risk analysis methods.




Dr. Andreas Stark is an exceptionally capable geophysicist who has written the standard college textbook for learning that subject under my direction as his dissertation advisor. He is equally skilled in applying the learning in field and in explaining it. ...... He also has sterling moral qualities. I strongly encourage you to get to know him and to find something you can do together. Donald W. Mitchell

Don Mitchell, Professor, Rushmore University; advised Andreas at Rushmore University (A Chartered Management Institute UK accredited institution)


Andreas Stark has extensive experience in all aspects of seismic interpretation in a wide variety of oil and gas prospect areas internationally and in Canada. He is a trainer and consultant who has provided high quality, innovative interpretations .... He is a dedicated, personable professional who works well in a team environment or on individual assignments.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value.
Fred Rayer, President and Director of Alconsult International Ltd


Andreas Stark is a very up to date Geophysicist. He is innovative and cost effective and has great wealth of experience and knowledge. He is honest and hard working. If you have a project you want him to take on he will honestly tell you if he is the right one for the job. He gets along with other co-workers very well.

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity.
Patrick Ward, President and CEO of Painted Pony Petroleum Ltd.


I have known Andreas since seven years when he had first delivered a training program (advanced seismic processing, AVO and rock physics) on behalf of the Canadian Petroleum Institute to ONGC, India. After the program, ONGC informed that the participants evaluation revealed that he had got the highest ratings wherein the participants has commended his deep knowledge and excellent communication skills. Subsequently Indian participants attending the summer program at Canada too spoke highly of his expertise. He has been producing great results and I sincerely wish him all the best in his professional endeavors”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value.
Pawan Gupta, agent for ONGC


Andreas is a power user of the geophysical/geological workstation software provided by Divestco. He has deep and detail knowledge of the subject matters and his consistent, reliable suggestions have made the products better. I have appreciated his superlative work from exploration concepts to final maps and consider him a very original, fluid thinker and communicator.

Dennis Meisinger, Geophysical Product Manager, Divestco Inc.


Published Books

Award winning Book

Seismic Methods and Applications

Check out this AWARD WINNING TEXT that's used as a teaching and reference tool world wide.

Business Uncertainty

A Study of Business Decisions under Uncertainty

This thesis discusses methods to minimize the risk and uncertainty encountered in business especially in oil & gas exploration.

Course Catalogue

We are currently converting our course materials to e-learning modules and Kindle Books.

Keep watching for status updates.

Our Staff

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Regina Stark has a College diploma in Human Resource Administration and Law, and a strong background in Human Resources and Training with over forty years’ experience.
She held the position of Director of Human Resources with a large utility company for most of her career, where she had responsibilities for all human resources and training of several regional offices with more than 1200 employees.

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Dr. Andreas Stark, P. Geo. is a Professional Geoscientist with extensive experience in the areas of Exploration and Risk Management, Exploration & Development Geophysics, Geological and Geophysical Technology, Geophysical Management, Computer Science & Software Management.
Andreas entered the industry in 1966 with a seismic contractor as an observer and in 1971 moved into seismic processing where he became an Assistant Party Chief. In 1975 he moved to the oil company side and held positions as a Research Geophysicist, an Interpretation Geophysicist, a District Geophysicist, a Director of Geophysics and from 1994 until 2017 operated his Consulting Company.

During the late 1980’s Andreas joined an international Geoscience software company and became General Manager of the Canadian office. It is during this period that Andreas started to become more involved in Technology Transfer and Training, which he continues to do to this day.

Andreas is an aggressive result oriented proven Oil and Gas Finder, who was directly involved in the drilling of over a two hundred and fifty wells with a high Success ratio (82%) and has helped find over 1.275 BBOE conventional and around 2 BBOIP resource in the Athabasca Oil Sands Area and together with Regina has trained over a thousand industry professionals in geology, geophysics and geo-science technology

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About Clasinaterra Seismic Book Risk Analysis O&G Exploration Education Training ANN Acquisition Quantitative Risk Analysis Site Map

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  • Check out Andreas Stark's Award Winning Book Seismic Methods & Applications
  • Also have a look at Business Decisions under Uncertainty
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We are currently converting our course materials to e-learning modules and Kindle Books.

Keep watching for status updates.


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Course Materials:

We are currently converting our course materials to e-learning modules and Kindle Books.

Keep watching for status updates.

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Exploration Consulting:

From 1994 until now we have provided worldwide Oil and Gas Exploration Services as indicated on the map below.

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